Jun 27, 2012

Assailants attack Microsoft HQ in Athens

Assailants attacked the offices of Microsoft in Athens early Wednesday, driving a van through the front doors and setting off an incendiary device that burned the building entrance, police said.

There were no reports of injuries in the pre-dawn attack on the U.S. company's headquarters in the Greek capital, located in the Maroussi suburb north of the city center.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Authorities said no warning call had been made before the attack.

Greece has experienced attacks by several small armed anarchist or domestic terrorist groups for decades, which usually target official buildings, banks or symbols of state power with small bombs or incendiary devices. The attacks usually occur late at night and rarely cause injuries.

Police said initial information indicated three people had been inside the van. They forced the two security guards at the building to leave before they reversed the van into the front entrance, smashing the door.

The two security guards were giving testimony to police.

The assailants then triggered an incendiary device inside the van that police said appeared to have consisted of camping gas canisters and several containers of gasoline.

Police forensic teams examined the burned-out van, which was still outside the blackened entrance later Monday morning.

Although they have died down over the past year, attacks had spiked following the fatal police shooting of a teenager in Athens in December 2008 that led to widespread riots across the country.

One group that had appeared in the aftermath of the rioting had set itself apart by claiming responsibility for shooting dead an anti-terrorism police officer in central Athens in 2009 and a journalist in 2010.


Jun 5, 2012

Dress-A-Kid foundation donates to Maranathan Community

Attah Effah and kids
Children and teens of the Maranathan Community, a deprived island at Ada Foah in the Dangme East District, were full of smiles and encomiums when they received cloths from the ‘Dress-A-Kid’ crew from Accra.

Dress-A- Kid (GH) is a youth initiative, which solicit and assembles new and slightly used but not worn out clothes online with the aim of donating them to needy children in deprived societies and communities as well as some selected orphanages in the country.

With the motto “CLOTHING THE NEXT GENERATION” this  benevolent youth initiative is self-financed and has so far donated hundreds of one of the major necessities of life (clothes) to over 100 deprived kids .

 Together with another sister youth initiative called Pass-A-Book on, thousands of clothes, bags and other educative materials were recently donated to the Maranatha community.

Without life jackets, this group composed of mainly students, risked their lives and travelled on the Volta River to reach this deprived community, a move the leader, Attah Effah  Badu said was unintentional since all attempts to get life jackets proved futile, moreover, they were cash-strapped.
Some of the crew interracting with the kids
According to  Attah Effah  Badu, the 23-year old  young  leader of this  philanthropic youth initiative, one should not get excess before reaching out to the less privileged in society hence his zeal to channel his youthful energies into charity and to help the poor and vulnerable in society.

Attah Effah Badu is also part of Share-Your- Lunch, another Facebook youth group which feeds poor children every quarter of the year.

He said one of the major challenges facing the group was financial constraints noting that the composition of the group was mainly students, adding that collecting, washing, packaging and transporting the cloths to the targeted groups require a lot of resources.

He therefore called on individuals and organizations to support this benevolent initiative.
The dresses in the bags

Godwin Allotey Akweiteh/Ghanadistricts.com

What Is Willful Blindness?

In the law, willful blindness is a deliberate attempt to remain ignorant about facts which might make someone liable. In many regions of the world, it is not accepted as a defense and can in fact be prosecuted. This is also sometimes known as contrived ignorance or willful ignorance.

A common example of willful blindness can be seen in cases in which people who act as carriers for drug smugglers argue that they did not know what was in the packages they were carrying. In these cases, the carrier deliberately makes sure that she or he is never explicitly told that a package contains drugs. In this situation, the carrier is exercising willful blindness by trying to remain ignorant, at least officially, of the fact that an illegal act is being committed.

One reason willful blindness is not generally considered a good defense to illegal activity is that, in most cases, it would have been reasonable to suspect that illegal activity was occurring. In cases where there was a high probability that actions might be suspect and people fail to ask for information, they can still be held liable under the argument that they should have been aware, or that they had reasonable belief that something was illegal, even if they did not necessarily know what.

Source: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-willful-blindness.htm

Jun 4, 2012

Creature spotted believed to be mermaid

A creature has been spotted believed to be a mermaid.

The Ningen, a Japanese cryptid, is a very large animal allegedly sighted by Japanese fishers.

The name Ningen literally means "human". The creature not only has a face, but arms and hands as well.

Source: http://funnymama.com/post/80629#1231?utm_source=mgid&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=funnymama

Scary: The most blood-chilling animal on the planet

This scary animal can eat anything in the name of food and always not satisfied.

Although we are not sure whether it is real or not a little  picture analysis of the picture shows that it could have been captured in a lake.

If you have any idea of where this animal was captured you can let me know

Source: http://www.mgid.net/tnews/1239065/i/7004/2/p/4/1