Jul 11, 2012

Words of Inspiration

These are inspirational words from a colleague Thomas Quaye Jnr. via facebook

There comes a time when you
must stand alone.

You must feel confident enough
within yourself to follow your dreams.

Jul 10, 2012

New Release from Sumsung . . . .

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From Rats to Riches:Myles Munroe tells his story . . .

By May Olusola

I walked in some minutes after the “Spirit and Power of Effective Leadership” seminar had kicked off. There was an impressive gathering of people in Arlington for the event, hosted by Dr. Darrell Wilson’s The Acts Church Ministries of Fort Worth. They all seemed to share the joy of delving deeper into leadership training. 

Top 5 Considerations For Securing Your Laptop

Tech Talk Africa 

When securing your laptop, it is important to think about both adding software and ensuring that there are physical anti theft features in place. 

These features can range from using asset tags to identify and track a laptop, as well as locks, and can be used alongside anti virus software and encryption protocols. 

Jul 9, 2012

The Millionaire Mindset by Diggy

I came accross this article via twitter (@godesay) sent to me by S Hassan @selfhelp77  Hope it will help you.

The Millionaire Mindset:
Not Scared of Hard Work or Long Hours.

People with a Mindset of Millionaires are not scared of hard work.

Five Top Qualities to Look for When Hiring PR Talent

By Kathleen Henson, Henson Consulting
The writer

People say you are the company you keep, and I truly believe that. Since leaving the big-agency world behind in 2001 to start my own firm, I’ve constantly been in the process of recruiting, hiring and retaining some of Chicagoland's brightest PR talent. 

Finding the right people that match your agency’s culture and distinctive vibe is critical in developing account teams that not only love what they do but also are passionate about the clients they work for every day.