Sep 27, 2012

A Practical Guide to Effective Public Speaking│Dr. Myles Munroe and Donald Trump Case

Dr. Myles Munroe

There is a myth that motivational speakers are “Born”, not “Made”. We tend to think that powerful motivational speakers that we see and hear about across the globe were born like that. 

There were some and there were others that were not. 

So please allow me to now DISMISS this DISTORTED PERCEPTION that “only certain individuals have ability to stand in front of an audience with no anxiety, and give a moving, dynamic speech’ Look around and see how people started with nothing and build confidence and wealth over the years and became motivational speakers. When I think about a technical presentation where some speaks, motivates and inspires, someone like Dr. Myles Munroe comes to mind. 

I choose Dr. Munroe because his journey from Mat to Jet as he himself says is very inspiring. In his trip to Papua New Guinea, he talked about how his primary school teacher told him he wasn’t bright enough. That school teacher later caught up with him in one of his conferences just to hear Dr. Munro speak. 

The old man actually got to meet Dr. Munroe and confessed. Dr. Munroe, or in that matter, many motivational speakers were not born. They just mastered the art of technical speaking and strive to do it better. With practice, they perfected the art.

Donald Trump
People we consider as best public speakers had to start from the basics. They learned how to organize, prepare, deliver and they learn to deal with anxiety. Tiger Woods didn’t become start golfer overnight. Michael Jackson didn’t become king of pop overnight. The rich and famous we read about and watch, learned the basic, simple steps and practice those little success steps daily. Speaking is no different. You can’t be a technical speaker if you don’t learn to be one. Learning starts with yourself. If this means asking your manager to give a mock technical presentation or joining a speaking club. Or volunteering to give a speech during an even, you must do. The trick is you must be there and doing it to learn it…Speak more, gain more experience and speak even more and before you realize, you will speak, motivate and inspire hundreds or even thousands. In this hub, I will highlight key areas for you to work on and develop it full to be a motivational

Assess your skills
Motivational speakers are motivational and dynamic and are trusted because they preach what they do best. Dr. Munroe owns 5 companies and his one of the top global leaders in leadership training. 

Therefore he preachers what he does. He is also pastors one of the biggest church in Bahamas and his highly educated in religious, so he talks about religion. Donald Trump talks about Real Estate because is a savvy Tec in real estate business. I am just using this big name to give you a bigger picture.

What are you good at? Are you good in leadership skills? Are you good at IT? Are you good at Organizational skills? Are you good at sales and marketing? And many more. You just have to find out. You have to know something well to talk about it well.

Plan your presentation
A good presentation takes more to prepare. And the presenter knows in depth what he presents. Going back to Dr. Munroe and Donald Trump. Dr. Munroe, when in front of a packed capacity crowd, relax, makes fun, laugh with the crowd and when he tunes the crowd attention to him and him alone, delivers his powerful messages that greatly impact. He talks from over his head. Similar can be said of Donald trump when he talks about real estate business.

Your presentation plan starts with;

1. In depth understanding of your presentation topic. Say, if you wanted to talk about Lawlessness in your community. Then you have to understand the issue of Lawlessness and all its social, economic, cultural, religious and environmental implications.

2. Structure your presentation. Normally from greetings, introduction, body and discussions, conclusion and recommendation if you are talking about a product.

3. Develop your speech according to the structure and don’t go astray.

Human beings remember better and tend to grasp concepts or principles fast with visual aids. Provide visual aids to assist your audience to easily relate to what you are presenting. If you are making a presentation Noki phone, bring along some Nokia phones to show. Use card boards or white board markers to draw images. Better Still, use power point presentation.

New technology for presentation
People are keeping trend with technology. Please go with them. See Munroe and trump, they do videos. They use power point presentations. I have use video conferences in some of my business presentations. It boasts your corporate image and build others trust on your expertise.

Delivering the presentation
On the day of presentation, arrive early on the venue. Dress for the occasion. Not too casual or overdressed. Your dressing reflects your personality and the message you will deliver. If you have planned and prepared well, you will have more confidence in delivering your talk. There will be little butterflies trying to fly out your tummy before the presentation. Believe, even the most experienced feel this and its normal. Please tell yourself IT IS NORMAL. Say it loud.

There is a myth that motivational speakers are “Born”, not “Made”. We tend to think that powerful motivational speakers that we see and hear about across the globe were born like that. There were some and there were others that were not. Now you know you can be one. Hope you practise what you learnt.


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