May 30, 2014

PICTURE: Wrongly placed overhead footbridges on N1 highway

This is one of the overhead footbridges on the George Walker Bush Highway popularly known as N1 highway which spans from the Tetteh Quashie roundabout to Mallam Junction in Accra.

The project was funded by the US from the Millennium Challenge Account some few years ago.

It is pathetic to note that there
are only 7 overhead footbridges on the N1 highway and the most painful part is that they are positioned at wrong places which do not encourage residents to patronize these footbridges.

Because of this most residents cross at dangerous points which usually increase the situation of cars knocking down people on daily basis.

Although metal railings have been fixed at the middle of the highway to deter people from crossing at dangerous points the situation still persists.