May 26, 2009


It is rather unfortunate that most of our leaders and politicians get carried away by cheap appraisals from praise enthusiasts and sycophants, not knowing that, their(sycophants and praise enthusiasts) work is to raise you to a certain level and then leave you to fall in the end.

History has shown that "Hosanna then Crucify," is not a new concept and that, it really started in the times of the old.
This reflected in the life of Jesus Christ in the Bible to signify the saying "a prophet is not acknowledged in his own town."
Jesus Christ received praises for his miracles but was later crucified on the cross of Calvary.

It was believed that, his crucifixion was ignited by his own people.

Hosanna, then Crucify, since the inception of Ghana's independence has shown itself in many forms.
Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah received endless appraisals from Ghanaians after saving them from the hands of the Europeans,building of schools, factories, the Akosombo dam, and providing infrastructural facilities, was later rewarded with a painful coup d'etat. It was believed that, he was accused of mismanaging our resources and also using "kanka nyame" in all his endeavours.

K.A. Busia, Dr. Hilla Liman, among others tasted their own share of the cake.

Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings of the P(NDC) is not an exception to this. He accepted all the praises from the praise enthusiasts, after contributing his quota to the development of the country, was severely dealt with. His crucifixion is still on.
"Positive change, so far so good, and Ghana then and Ghana now," by J.A. Kufour, won the hearts of many Ghanaian. He was praised earnestly for the NHIS, malaria and poverty eradication projects, MCA, among others accumulated to award him endless praises. His crucifixion is currently on and i pray he endures it in good faith.

His Excellency, J.E.A Mills is currently tasting the first side of the coin by cruising in the Hosanna train, with all the praises from the sycophants.

They is no doubt that the praises may come, but prof. Mills, don't let it enter your head because. As the old adage goes "se wu hu koto eni a, wu se abaa", wit don't take the eyes of a crab for a stick. This is just the first side of the coin and that the other bitter side is just around the corner.

Implement intelligent policies that will fovour the entire population and not being partial. Another adage states "one mans meat is another mans poison", this implies that what may be sparkling in your sight may be ugly at another man's sight.

Remember that, crucifixion comes after Hosanna so don't be misled.