Jul 25, 2009

Stop the blaming attitute and use your mind – Capt. Rtd Budu

Cpt. Rtd Koomson

The Chief Operating Officer of Unique Trust (UT) Financial Services Limited, Captain Rtd Budu Koomson has entreated Ghanaians to stop blaming each other for their predicament and utilise the greatest God-given resources, which includes the mind and heart.

He said he gets angry anytime he hears anyone blaming politicians or their employers for their problems and suffering saying that we have all the necessary resources at our disposal to turn our lives around.

Mr. Budu was speaking at a Leaders Forum, organized by IMANI Center for Policy and Education at the British Council on the theme, PROFESSIONALISM AND PARTISANSHIP: WHITHER GHANA?

Discussing the topic at hand, the COO, asked whether we as a nation really have professional leaders to manage the affairs of the country, and if so do we really need them in this global dispensation.

According to him, "there is no gain saying that, as a people we wish for strong professional leadership and systems that will boost development at all levels of our national institutions and aspirations, be it at the Executive level, Judiciary, Civil Service, Military, Police, Academia, Social etc.