Jul 29, 2009



Before i take you through what i have

Please answer the following in the comment box question? I will make and grade you.
  • Do you dream?
  • is it more often or not often
  • Do you dream in colour or in black and white
  • If it is colour please jump the next question
  • If you dream in black and white what is the colour of the sky when you saw it in your dream
  • what was the colour of the hair of people you saw in your dream

You want to know why i you have to go through the above?

Well, let me tell you by telling you a funny story and after that i will ask another question.

A Richman employed a security man to guard his house for him.

One morning, the security man came to the Richman and said to him, " please master, i had a dream last night and i saw that my mother was very sick so i would like your permission to go and visit my mother in my village."

The richman was provoked and asked the security man to leave his house and never to come back again.

Thats all folks.

My question is, why did the rich man asked the man never to come back to the house again?

Let me whisper it to you and don't tell anyone

ans: what is the work of a security man?

ans: is he suppose to sleep at night?

ans: should he even dream

ans: can you dream when you are not asleep?

i bet that has answered some of the questions

for any other thing, let me have it through my comment box underneath