May 30, 2012

Minority to boycott parliament if . . .

The Minority in Parliament has reiterated its displeasure over the Executive’s attitude towords the conduct of parliamentary business and have hinted to boycott parliament should this trend continuous.

According to them, the Executive Arm of Government by its continous absence in parliament to answer questions over some time now showed clearly that it is not serious when it comes to helping Parliament govern the  the state.

The Minority on Wednesday raised the issue on the floor of Parliament when the Minister of Health, Alban Bagbin who was supposed to answer certain question during the early stage of proceedings was absent.
The Minority obviously displeased with the turn of event asked the Speaker of Parliament Joyce Bamford Addo not to allow extended sitting when the Majority side requests so to enable it push Bills before Parliament rises.

The Minority said, if the Executive continued with the trend of absenting itself from parliament, they (minority) will boycott any extended sitting as MPs of both sides will be busily campaigning for their re-election and will not have time for extended sitting.

They said it should not be the business of the Minority to push government business in parliament and that the Majority should up its game and execute its responsibility.