May 30, 2012

School girl writes manifesto to contest as President of Ghana

It has been said that it is only the dead person who has no dreams and that every living person including the beggars on the street have dreams to move from their current status to a more desired stage.

It is in line with this that a 13 year old girl, Martha Boateng, a pupil of the Roses’s Memorial Academy at Lapaz near Achimota has made available to me (Godwin Allotey) a 10 point document captioned ‘My Dream for Ghana’ being her vision for Ghana, should she be the President.

Below is what she writes;

1.    If I become the President of Ghana i would first of all make sure that children selling along the streets are stopped and an avenue created for them to go back to school in order to become better people in the future.

2.    Secondly, I would build more houses to accommodate them especially those who sleep on the street as well as those who have no where to lay their heads or even afford three square meals.

3.    Thirdly, I would make sure that Senior High School (SHS) education is made free, compulsory and accessible to all.

4.    Another thing I will do should I be the president of Ghana is that I would build more libraries in each community so that children will always go there to read,  learn and expand their knowledge base.

5.    Again, I would make sure the Ministry of Education mandates each district education directorate to organize in every month at least two (2) spelling and easy competitions as well as organize district-wide free extra classes for pupils. 
By these there would be less poor performances in internal and nationally organized examinations such as the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

6.    I  learnt that although some companies have been mandated to keep our cities and towns clean, spare Zoomlion, filth still engulfs the nation. 
For this reason, I will provide refuse bins at vantage points and create avenues for more people to be employed into that sector in order to keep the country clean and healthy. I would also ensure that such mandated bodies responsible for ensuring a clean society are put on their toes.

7.    I read recently in a newspaper that unemployment rate is on the ascendency. Should I be the president I would put a number of interventions in place to reduce it and also create avenues for vacation jobs to enable students earn some money before they return back to school. I would also put measures in place to make agriculture a lucrative business to attract the youth and investors.
By this crime rate might reduced.

8.    On safety on our roads,  I would make sure road safety measure s are adhered to by careless drivers on and the road networks expanded to an appreciable level.

9.    It has been said that a wealthy nation must have healthy people, for this reason, when I become the president of Ghana, with support from internally generated funds and donor partners, I will build more hospitals in the country.

10.     Last but not least, I will allow parliament to make policies that would help check politicians who disturb or have the tendency  of destroying the peace we are currently enjoying in the country. 
This will check radio stations and media houses who allow politicians who insult one another unto their platform.