Sep 27, 2012

Demo looms against EC in Salaga as 7000 remain

It is estimated that about 7000 eligible voters in the Salaga constituency in the Northern region are likely to be disenfranchised on December 7.

Reports indicate that the affected persons were left out during the biometric registration exercise due to faulty machines.

A group of civil society organizations called the East Gonja Civil Society Association has given the Electoral Commission one week to address the problem or expect a demonstration if the problem is not solved.

The Association’s Executive Secretary, Abdul Aziz Seidu addressed the media on Thursday saying, “The eligible voters through no fault of theirs will be losing their constitutional right to exercise their franchise and these people who could not register will be the sole cause of the EC.”

“We are by this medium calling on the Chairman of the Electoral Commission to expedite action on the situation to avert any unfortunate circumstance and we want the EC to further consolidate the peace and stability of the country by simply taking steps to get this population registered”, he added.

Aziz cautioned, “It means a lot in Ghana to infringe upon the rights of citizens especially as it is mandated by the constitution and this issue, once it remains unresolved, has the tendency of marring the peace process that the CSO’s, the East Gonja district assembly and for that matter the chiefs and people of the traditional area have strived so much over the years to preserve.”