Sep 6, 2013

Drivers with fake documents in trouble

Commercial bus drivers (trotro) who usually operate using fake documents and expired road safety gadgets and go scout free without being noticed by road safety regulators should take a second thought.

This is because the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) division of the Ghana Police Service has vowed to wage war on such persons’ whiles also ensuring sanity on our roads.

Some of these drivers operate vehicles with problems such as expired roadworthy certificates, worn-out parts, expired (or no) fire extinguishers, triangles, first aid, reflectors, among others. 

Immediately drivers who discover that they have fallen short of the above divert to rough roads immediately they suspect the presence of police personnel in order to prevent being arrested.

As at now, the MMTTU have dispatched its personnel to major and rough roads where some of these drivers use in order to insist that MTTU road safety measures were adopted and also make sure that Driver and Vehicle License Authority (DVLA) bye-laws were adhered to.

For instance, the MMTU in the Ga West Municipality of Accra spread their personnel across all major roads in the area as well as hideouts of miscreant drivers with the view of bringing sanity on our roads and reduce the incidence of accidents.

Some of the unsuspecting drivers who were met by the Police personnel were stopped for questioning and further measures applied when they (drivers) were found culpable.