Aug 22, 2013

H’Mount Sinai SHS gets ultramodern ICT lab

Tutors and students alike in the H’ Mount Sinai Senior High School Akuapem North Municipality in the Eastern Region were beaming with smiles when an ultra-modern information Communication Technology centre was inaugurated for them in a short but impressive ceremony.

The 70-seater ICT centre was initiated by the Preston College of United Kingdom in collaboration with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the H’ Mount Sinai Senior High School.

The Preston school donated ninety (90) recycled flat screen fast running computers with accessories from UK while the PTA provided funding for the state of the art air-conditioned room and furniture for the laboratory.

The leader of the 14-member delegation from Preston School, Jonathan Peace, commended the P.T.A. of H’Mount Sinai Senior High School for providing enormous financial assistance towards the realization of this big dream.

Mr. Peace was impressed with the overall condition of the facility and remarked that the edifice is comparable to any of its kind anywhere.

He further stated that the ICT lab marks the beginning of greater mutually respectful and beneficial things to happen between the two schools.

He advised staff and students to take full advantage of the ICT lab to upgrade their knowledge on operations of computers and the latest on IT education since it has become the order of the day.

Benefits of the World Wide Web

Mr. Peace, who is also the Coordinator of PRESTON SINAI PARTNERSHIP (PRESTON), was particularly, hopeful that through the usage of the World Wide Web (WWW), staff and students of the two schools will develop stronger bondage and share knowledge in the areas of education, culture and entrepreneurship.

The Headmaster of H’Mount Sinai, Mr. E.K. Appati, in his address to welcome the delegation from UK, profusely thanked the Board of Governors, the headmaster and the entire staff and students of Preston School for that wonderful donation to the school.

Mr. Appati said the Sinai community shall forever be grateful to Preston for its presentation which has catapulted Sinai from state of deprivation in terms of ICT to a world class model IT facility.

He also promised to adhere to proper supervision towards ensuring a prolong lifespan of the laboratory.

Chronology of the events

The Coordinator, Preston Sinai Partnership (SINAI), Mr. Collins Oteng Adjei, narrated the genesis of the partnership dated back 2006 upon his visit to the British Council where a short discussion with personnel at the council paved way for his visit to Preston School, Yeovil, London.

Subsequently, Jonathan Peace in a reciprocal visit arrived on Sinai campus in March, 2010 for a week visit. During Jonathan’s visit, the partnership agreement was drafted.

The principle of Preston School Mr. Cloksac followed up in 2011 to finally seal the partnership after Board of Governors of the two schools have given their accent for the finalization of the partnership. Two more teachers from Preston in the persons of Tim and Lee were on hand in July 2012, this time to frame the business and the entrepreneurial aspect of the partnership among students where the Preston club at Sinai was inaugurated.

In September 2012, two teachers from Sinai (Mr. Adamu B. Sadick and Mrs Ophelia Akumani) paid to Preston school.

Thereafter, just late month February 2013, a strong contingent from Preston, consisting of four (4) teachers and ten (10) students stormed Sinai for a two week stay as a sign of stronger bondage between the two schools.

The three (3) other teachers among the delegation were; Vice Principle and Mathematics teacher, Claire Mesh, English Language teacher, Michaela Wheeler, and Music teacher, Sarah.    

This visit was unprecedented in the annals of the school’s history it as was envisaged by staff of Sinai that was a sign of multiple good things to follow.

Kojo Asiedu-Odei                          

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